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Kailani was birth in Dec 2022

At Kailani, we want you to relive your honeymoon all over again. We believe that every couple deserves high-quality time together, without the hassles and stresses of everyday life holding them back. That’s why we have designed a complete package that not only provides couples with some breathing space, but revitalizes the romance that might have faded over time.

You can expect renewed intimacy, brand new experiences and a deeper connection thanks to our tailor made couples retreats. This is not your one-size-fits-all package holiday. It’s a carefully planned retreat that brings you closer together than ever before. The word Kailani means ‘The Royal One’, and that is exactly how you can expect to feel on one of our retreats - like royalty.

The Kailani experience began in 2022 when we (Tutu and John) discovered a renewed sense of affinity after spending quality time together exploring Dubai. We decided that, if it was possible for us to achieve a better relationship after 12 years of marriage, we could help other couples too. The magic of Dubai can be found city-wide, from the stunning desert safaris to the all-day-luxury brunches and awe-inspiring architecture. If you want to be wowed with your partner by your side, we can think of nowhere better. Of course, we aren’t just offering a holiday. The Kailani experience is deeper than that. The package includes thoughtful and enriching activities, couples therapy and a guided schedule to help get your relationship into a stronger, calmer, sustainable place. 

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Every couple deserves some high-quality alone time, away from the hassles and commitments of everyday life. Have you found your relationship has stagnated? Perhaps intimacy isn’t what it used to be, or you have become focused on raising children, saving money or maintaining careers? A retreat could be exactly what’s needed to breathe new life into your relationship.

Don’t just take our word for it. Studies conducted by OnePoll have shown that taking a vacation and spending quality time together can save a struggling relationship. By removing yourselves from the direct causes of stress and worries, you can discover a new passion for one another, as well as a deeper connection within your relationship and within yourselves as individuals. 

A couple’s retreat is more than a holiday. Our tailor-made packages are designed to nurture, challenge, awaken and renew relationships. Whether you want to rediscover a lost spark or maintain the great connection you already have, a couple’s retreat is for you.

With couple-centric activities, a luxurious setting and zero planning or hassle, it’s easier than ever to reignite the fire between you and keep it burning for longer. 

At Kailani, we wish for you to indulge in the enchantment and delight of a intimate escape, just as we did. Join us on a journey that promises to be extraordinary! 

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