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Kailani Escapes Retreat Reviews

Hear directly from of our recent Kailani Guests

  • Ahmed and Savanah

  • Mohammed and Haneen

  • Sahar and Husein

  • George and Sarah

  • Nicola Beer our relationship expert

  • Our Yacht experience

  • Why book Kailani Escapes?

  • Night Brunch

Kailani Escapes Retreat Reviews

Hear directly from of our recent Kailani Guests

  • Kailani offers research-backed vacation retreats for couples who are actively searching to reconnect, rebuild, or maintain their love and passion for one another.

    Dianna Kelly
  • Kailani provides luxury experiences for couples seeking to reignite and reconnect. We curate the most luxurious, romantic and breathe-taking destinations around the world.

    Adam Fern
  • Our destinations offers the perfect blend of rest and luxury, making it a great destination for couples.

    Robert Charlton
  • With the abundance of our world-class amenities, delicious dining options, and plentiful shopping opportunities, our destinations are sure to reignite the flame of passion and bring couples even closer together.

    Diana Swift

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