5 Ways To Relight Your Romantic Fire

5 Ways To Relight Your Romantic Fire

If you cannot remember the last time you and your partner shared a memorable evening together, it might be time to relight your romantic fire. It is not unusual for romance to fade over time. Children, jobs, money and general life-stress can get in the way and cause you to lose the memory of what it was like to be passionate about each other.

But this doesn’t need to become the status quo. You fell in love for a reason – you can find that reason again! Here’s what you can do to try:

Have a no-electronics day (or evening)

Electronic devices can get in the way of a true connection. One in ten say their partner spends too much time on their phone, and one in four said electronic devices have an impact on the relationship. By removing this distraction, couples are forced to speak to each other in the way they did when they first met (unless you met online of course!).

Try something new in the bedroom

Perhaps sex has become a little limp, or the bedroom doesn’t sparkle like it once did. Trying something new is a good way to stimulate the senses (and the imagination!). Role play, toys, games, or just a whole new setting could be a game changer. Try to learn something new about your partner that you didn’t know before, and try to be honest about what you fantasise about, without judgement. This is meant to be fun, so ensure you try and relax and don’t take it too seriously.

See a therapist or coach

It doesn’t sound like fun, but actually, seeing a therapist even for a short time can breathe new life into your relationship and make you appreciate your partner much more. If therapy isn’t for you, a relationship coach could feel more comfortable. When you attend one of our couple’s retreats, a therapist is provided as part of the package so that you can work through differences, let go of nagging thoughts, and renew your connection.

Eat together

Many couples forget to dine together. Feeding the kids can become the ultimate goal most evenings, and many couples forget to sit and connect over a glass of wine and a meal. Food is a wonderful tool for intimacy. It connects you with others, gives you time away from your schedule to enjoy something together. And why stop there? Cook a meal together and enjoy the culinary experience! Or take a cooking or cocktail making lesson together one evening.

Get away together

When was the last time you had a truly immersive couple’s holiday. When you book one of our luxury getaways, you are swept away from the hustle and bustle of life and put in a new, exciting, carefree destination. You can meet new friends, partake in couples activities, couples spa days and even couples therapy! You will go home as a fresh, new couple, full of hope for the future and with a new passionate energy.

We can help. Check out our destination retreats for couples here.