Amazing Things To Do In The Seychelles

Palm Jumeirah Island

Amazing Things To Do In The Seychelles

Have you ever wanted to relive your honeymoon? For many couples, the honeymoon was a period of bliss and relaxation. However, all too soon that time passes and you return to the business and stresses of normal everyday life. Holidays are a chance for you and your partner to relive that time. A chance to renew your intimacy, revitalise your romance and find one another anew.

Choosing the right package can be a challenge and choosing the right location is essential. Many couples opt for the glorious beaches of the Seychelles. With so much to do and so many opportunities to reconnect, we certainly  recommend it. Here’s some highlights.

Share a picnic on Anse Georgette

What better way to share a wonderful experience with your partner than a picnic on one of the best beaches in the Seychelles. Anse Georgette is relatively untouched, in that it isn’t littered with sun loungers and cafes. The hustle and bustle of city life can fog our minds and distract us from what really matters. So a beach without any traces of civilization could be the perfect place to find some clarity, and of course, some romance.

Dine at Marie Antoinette

As the oldest restaurant in the Indian Ocean, the colonial mansion of Marie Antoinette provides a truly unique dining experience. The delectable bowls of mango salad, sweet and sour tuna steak and curried fruit bat are just some of the highlights of this restaurant. In addition to the history of such an old building, you can also catch a glimpse of giant tortoises relaxing in the garden. If you and your partner often struggle to agree on where to eat, make sure to put a meal at Marie Antoinette on your list.

Take a trip to the Takamaka Rum Distillery

Speaking of interesting experiences to share with your partner, have you ever visited a rum distillery before? Founded over 20 years ago on the 18th century La Plaine St Andrew estate, the Takamaka rum distillery is now a part of what makes the Seychelles so special. Enjoy a variety of rum’s blended with local spices and fruit extracts amidst the beautiful scenery of the estate. We highly recommend the 8-year St Andre, aged in American oak barrels.

Hike Morne Seychellois

Whilst this suggestion may be a challenge for some of our readers, it’s an experience you and your partner will never forget. The 905m high Morne Seychellois provides some of the most impressive views in the Seychelles. The hike will take around 5 hours of your time, but trust us, the views are worth it. Just make sure to bring suitable hiking gear and plenty of water. If Morne Seychellois is a bit more than you can handle, the 500m high Copolia Trail is a great alternative.

Reignite Your Relationship

Rediscover and rekindle your romance in one of the most beautiful destinations on planet Earth. We offer a range of luxury holiday packages and spa vacations for couples looking to find one another again. Take a look at our destination page for more information.