Qualified Nanny / Home Nursery Teaching Assistant

Qualified Nanny / Home Nursery Teaching Assistant

British EYFS Nanny Teaching Assistant

Pediatric Nanny

Certified Childcare Babysitter + Childminder

All Nannies Pediatric First Aid Trained – Early Years Trained


Primary role is to support Kailani guests during our Retreat. Our nannies are certified by the government and  a trained in looking after the continuing education, welfare and safety of children

They are able to work effectively with our guests to provide care and support for infants, children, able-bodied and non-able bodied, and special needs.
1. Identify, organize, and monitor the daily activities of the child/ charge
2. Attend to the child’s/charge physical and nutritional needs under the supervision and supporting instructions of the parents or guardian.
3. Supervise the safety of the child/charge during activities inside and outside the house
4. Provide play, enrichment, and stimulation to children’s day to encourage learning and development as encouraged by the parents of guardian
5. Foster and encourage a positive relationship with the child/charge
6. Provide an environment for the child/charge that promotes health, safety and protection in your absence.