Top 10 Romantic Activities For Couples Visiting Dubai

Top 10 Romantic Activities For Couples Visiting Dubai

Every year, more than 15 million people visit Dubai. It is one of the most popular luxury destinations for couples holidays – with its warm weather, lucrative restaurant industry and opportunities to experience the best and biggest of everything.

Dubai is one of the top vacation packages for couples. No matter who you are, or where you are from, Dubai will have something that you and your spouse can enjoy together.

Thinking about finding a retreat destination? We have compiled a list of the 10 most romantic, fun and interesting things to do in Dubai as a couple. From the world’s most luxurious cocktail to wandering through 150 million exotic flowers, Dubai is sure to impress.

  • Take a Private Yacht Tour For Sunset: When it comes to luxurious destinations for couples, Dubai knows what to offer. Dubai by night is quite the spectacle, and even more mesmerizing when you see it from the water. A private yacht is not hard to find in Dubai, in fact, you can even go for a super yacht equipped with multiple bedrooms, a top deck swimming pool, jacuzzi, three course meal and private DJ. Watch the sunset in the ultimate luxury as your crew show you the most famous sights in Dubai.
  • Watch Le Perle Show: Le Perle is the longest running show in Dubai, and a permanent feature of the city. Every night you can watch breathtaking performances by some of the most talented acrobats, singers, dancers and actors in the world. It’s a full sensory experience, and the perfect thing for you and your partner to do after dinner.
  • Meet Penguins At Ski Dubai: For couples who love skiing and animals, we can think of nowhere better than an afternoon at Ski Dubai. You can tackle the slopes of the largest indoor ski slope in the world, or meet real life penguins up close and personal in the Penguin Experience. You can even have your photo taken with the penguins to add to your mantlepiece at home.
  • Visit the Love Lake: A luxury couples retreat deserves a romantic day out. The Love Lake is a heart shaped lake offering stunning wildlife, beautiful views, fun and creative architecture (all love themed of course), quiet benches for peaceful reflections and a bit of time away from the cityscape to talk, connect and unwind. If you want, you can also see The Love Lake via the air in a helicopter or hot air balloon ride. As you look down, you’ll see that the lake itself is in the shape of a heart.
  • Visit A 5 Star Beach Club: As you can expect from one of our luxury destinations, Dubai has some of the best beach clubs in the world. Beach clubs allow you to sit back with a cocktail, go for a swim in an infinity pool, enjoy a relaxing spa treatment or watch some light entertainment. All in one place. Dubai has some of the best beach clubs in the world, including Nikkis Beach Club, Riva Beach Club and Zero Gravity. If you feel like a whole day of relaxation, and don’t want to lift a finger, we recommend you book a spot at one of the best beach clubs in Dubai.
  • Go On A Desert Safari: It’s easy to forget that Dubai is situated in the middle of a large desert. But just half an hour of driving will take you out into the middle of nowhere. A luxury desert safari means you can get away from the hustle of the city and find some calm and peace along the golden sands. Meet the camels, watch the sunset and enjoy a cold beverage with the hot sun on your face.
  • Walk Around Dubai Gardens: Dubai is home to the world’s largest flower garden, creating picture perfect moments for you and your spouse. At night, the flowers are lit up to produce an awe inspiring light show. There are 150 million flowers to see, meaning it can take an entire day to stroll around. If you would like, you could hire a couple’s photoshoot for an hour, and use Dubai Garden’s as a setting to create incredible photographs that you can keep for decades to come.
  • Have a Brunch: Dubai is famous for its all-day and all-night brunches. Watch as entire hotel floors are filled with banquets of world cruise – all the lobster, champagne, sushi, caviar and cheeses you could ever want or need. No matter your taste preference or dietary needs, a Dubai brunch will have you covered. There’s often live music and entertainment too, as well as gorgeous views of the city depending where you go. Some of the best brunches in Dubai are The Four Seasons, Yasmina, The Talk Restaurant, The Croft and many of the beach side hotels and beach resorts.
  • Get a Superior Cocktail: Dubai is not short of cocktail experiences. Some incredibly popular luxury cocktail spots are Monkey Bar, Ergo, San Beach, Sushi Samba and Zuma. If you really want to go all-out, you can sample the Sky Bar’s Diamonds Are Forever cocktail – the world’s most expensive – consisting of 24K gold champagne!
  • Fly First Class with Emirates: There is probably nothing more luxurious in the airline industry than Emirates First Class flying. Get your own ‘pod’, which is more like a small lounge, with a fully reclining bed, large TV, and michelin star three course meals served to you. You can also go to the plane’s cocktail bar, take a shower, have a massage or even get your nails done!

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